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Trampoline at the children's corner in the meadow at the apartment Stará škola



Surrounding the Apartment Stará škola is a paradise for cyclists, you can choose from a bike Jizera mountains, or go to the steeper hills of the Giant Mountains. Here are some of our tips for bike trips.

Cycling in the counties Zapadlých vlastenců

Passage region of Zapadlých vlasteců is very attractive for lovers of museums and history of Krkonoše. The route is a museum - a monument in Pasekách over Jizera, in Vysokém, in Poniklé and in objective Krkonoše Museum National Park Administration in Jilemnice. We suggest two options beginnings routes . Route 3a is about 41 km and begins at the Kořenov-station. It uses the cycle path No. 22. Under Paseky nad Jizerou passes the cycle route No. 4170 and after leading most of the roads in Vysokého nad Jizerou. The new labeling also allows alternative 3b about 36 km long , starting on the square in Rokytnici nad Jizerou. First climb the cycle route No. 22 above the city by Zimní strana. Above you cross the cycle route No. 4174 , her over the Stráž go down to Jablonec nad Jizerou and over Tříč go to Vysokého nad Jizerou. From the square you continue the cycle route No. 4295th After her start down the Jizera valley . The route , but the road turns right and after intensive forest road leads to the village of Jilm. Still the cycle route No. 4295 go down to Jizera , cross the main road and village of Poniklá, will rise again. To Jestřabí arrive at the main cycling route No. 22, after which a long downhill go along the road to Hrabačov and after crossing the intersection until you reach the city center Jilemnice .

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